Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Svaam Design. We value transparency and professionalism in all our interactions, and we want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of our terms and conditions before engaging our services.

Engagement Agreement: Before we commence any project, a formal engagement agreement will be drafted and signed by both parties. This agreement will outline the scope of work, project timelines, payment terms, and any specific project-related details. It is crucial to read and understand this agreement thoroughly, as it serves as the foundation for our collaboration.

Payment Terms: Payment schedules are an essential aspect of our engagement agreement. We outline the agreed-upon payment milestones and terms, which are typically structured to align with project progress. Timely payments are vital to maintain project continuity and ensure that all parties are committed to the project's success.

Confidentiality: Svaam Design places great importance on client confidentiality. Any sensitive information shared during the project, including design concepts, financial details, and project-specific information, will be treated with the utmost discretion. We are committed to safeguarding your interests and ensuring that your ideas remain confidential.

Change Orders: During the course of a project, there may be instances where changes or additions to the original scope of work are required. We will document these changes in the form of change orders, which will outline the modifications, associated costs, and any impact on project timelines. We require mutual agreement on all change orders to proceed.

Dispute Resolution: While we strive to ensure a smooth project experience, unforeseen issues may arise. In the unlikely event of a dispute, our preferred approach is to resolve matters amicably through negotiation and open communication. If a resolution cannot be reached through negotiation, we may consider mediation as a means of dispute resolution.

Project Completion and Handover: Upon successful completion of the project and fulfillment of all contractual obligations, Svaam Design will conduct a final walkthrough and inspection with the client. Any outstanding issues will be addressed, and once the project is deemed complete, we will provide all necessary documentation and hand over the property.

These terms and conditions are in place to provide clarity and maintain professionalism in our collaborations. At Svaam Design, we are committed to transparency and open communication, and we look forward to working closely with you to bring your architectural and design visions to life.